Just a few of our valued clients:

We would definitely rate them as one of the best to work with

We have worked on small and large projects with Halifax Cabinetry for the last 15 years. They treated each and every project with the same commitment and professional manner. Monique and Derek are a team with great respect for each other that spills over to their relationships with our firm and our clients.

They are detail oriented and able to manufacture the calibre of designs we create with such enthusiasm - we just keep going back to them.

We would definitely rate them as one of the best to work with.

Bea Doucet | Doucet - Watts & Davis Interiors Inc.

We love your work

There were 3 things that we were looking for when choosing our Cabinet Making Company: Aesthetics, Design and Craftsmanship.

The kitchens and baths that Halifax Cabinetry have built for us are even more beautiful than we could have imagined. Just as importantly, the designs are practical and work efficiently without sacrificing beauty. The level of craftsmanship and quality of work is superior.

Thank you for the beautiful and functional rooms that you have created for us!

Judi & Tom

We were SO impressed

We first used Halifax Cabinetry when we lived in our big Southend home. Derek made the vanity for our gorgeous bathroom, with such attention to detailing that it looked perfect. We came to Halifax Cabinetry through our Interior Designer, Bea Doucet-Watts, with whom we have worked for almost 2 decades now. She has the magical touch for us, helping us to turn our houses into homes where we really want to live.

After retirement, we downsized into a much smaller home in the Westend of Halifax. In this house we needed 3 vanities built. Bea and her crew worked on the designs and then Monique and Derek came on board. They made dates with us and they always delivered on time. Installations were carefully done, again with great attention to detail. I think the best memory I have of having worked with Halifax Cabinetry is the day after I allowed one of our bathroom sinks to overflow. I called Halifax Cabinetry the next morning and Derek was there that afternoon. He was so helpful. In the end, he had to completely redo what he had so perfectly done before and he was never grouchy or upset. We were SO impressed.

Again, the installation was perfect. You would never know that anything untoward had happened!!


I enjoy my kitchen everyday!!

I love the work you did as much today as I did when we first moved in! I brag constantly about the work you did for us and how very professional you and your partner/workers were. Everyone that visits continues to comment on the workmanship. And we have had some pretty fussy carpenters and relatives make these comments!


Giving our home that “Wow Factor"

I am a civil engineer who has been in construction for over thirty years and has a reputation for being a perfectionist. My wife is an executive with no construction experience but a strong sense of the concepts she looks to create. This could be a nightmare combination – at best, it can be a difficult one.

Monique used a design program that produced coloured three dimensional drawings of our kitchen – a tool that was necessary for Michelle to properly understand the proposal. The program allowed for easy changes to cabinet dimensions and placement and it took no time at all to have a final set of drawings. This was a huge improvement over the first firm we tried who never did manage to produce drawings that ‘fit’ the space we were working with!

After we reached an agreement, construction began. Derek oversees the workshop and installations performed by the small high quality workforce using state of the art equipment. I liked this for a variety of reasons. I didn’t feel like we were getting a "factory" job, this was more of a craftsman project. In addition I had a chance to stop in and check on progress pretty much any time and they were always happy to show me where they were with the project.

Michelle & David

The kitchen is fantastic

The kitchen is fantastic, awesome and just as we envisioned it. Such a joy to behold. You guys came through for us and we really enjoy the look of it and the flow of it. So congratulations on all of your hard work and fine craftsmanship.

It was so lovely to walk in to it on Saturday night when we arrived back home from being away. Seeing our new kitchen has given us enormous pleasure and we can't thank you enough.

Again, congratulate yourselves and your workers, you are true designers and craftsmen.

Kayleen & Michael, Bedford

The cabinets are beyond our highest hopes!

The cabinets are exquisite… beyond our highest hopes! The design and workmanship are superb. A huge thank you to you both. We’re rather hoping that we’re finished renovating but we’re always pleased when we get a chance to recommend you guys to friends.

Jane & David


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